YõULíNG: n. (pr: yoh ling) a polite Mandarin term for ‘ghosts’.

YõULíNG is a global organisation founded in 2008 to develop trading and services to form a bridge between China, Russia, MENASA, the Asia-Pacific region and the other major world markets.

Based in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong, and with affiliates and partners in the UK,  YõULíNG has an extensive network of high-quality food suppliers, sustainable and growth technologies, and other intellectual assets that are in high demand in the MENASA, FSU, Southern Asia and Asia-Pacific regions.


YõULíNG provides services in:

  • Food, Resources, and Commodities trading
  • Regional Sales, Marketing and Agency services for companies seeking to enter the Asia-Pacific and China markets.

YõULíNG undertakes projects in the Food, Agribusiness, Information Technology, Clean & Sustainable Energy sectors where technologies can be licensed and exploited across borders.